Let us give you a guided tour of our Blue Ridge Mountains.Carolyn and Curtis Crump

Allow Curtis and Carolyn Crump to be your guide to the beauty and peace that is found in the mountains surrounding Crumps Mountain Cottage.


Guided tours can emphasize wild flowers, hiking with great mountain views and overlooks, tree viewing and identification, and bird watching. Tours can include all activities if desired. The tour pace is slow in order to savor the quiet and serenity of nature.


Hourly rate for a guided tour is $10.00 per hour for an individual or couple, or couple with children.


All tours must be arranged in advance. Contact the Crumps before arriving at the cottage. No tours will be given when the temperature is above 80 F. Tours will not be given in icy conditions. Dogs are allowed on the tour but owners must keep them on a leash. Please respect the property and do not litter.


We suggest you that you come equipped with hat, boots or sturdy shoe, long pants, insect repellant, walking/hiking stick, binoculars, camera, water and snack. We have 4 ski poles that can be used as a hiking stick.